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Lose Weight Quickly with Yoga

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While yoga is a great and well-known practice to be used for relaxation and emotional rehabilitation, its benefits don’t stop there. This ancient practice is performed in different styles. While adopting some of those styles can help relieve stress, boost athleticism, and even lead to better sex, others can help you lose weight. Decide the goal that you need to work on and make that yoga style a way of living for yourself.

Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

According to a study conducted on the relation between yoga and obesity management, yoga is a promising way to encourage the alignment of the mind and body, help maintain and lose weight by burning calories and also reduce stress.

Although yoga is nowhere as vigorous as your conventional aerobic exercises, certain kinds of yoga involve more physical activity than others. Such styles of yoga are active and intense and they help you burn extra calories resulting in weight loss.

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Yoga Exercise Routines for Beginners (Weight Loss)

We have already given you the answer to the question “Can yoga help you lose weight?” Now it’s time to figure out how. Here is a brief breakdown of some of the perfect yoga poses for weight loss (for beginners):

Midriff (5-7 minutes)

Fish Pose

fish pose

The Fish Pose, also called Matsyasana, is all about stretching your lower body like the hips, stomach, thighs, and abdominal muscles. It helps burn the extra fat deposited in places like the thighs and tummy. If you suffer from migraine, hernia, or blood pressure, it’s best to avoid this asana.

Boat Pose

boat pose

Think of imitating a balanced boat or a see-saw and balance your body by making the midriff the base. This will help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat and with regular practice, you might be able to achieve those ever-desired toned abs.

If you suffer from any spinal injuries or are insomnia or hernia patient, you are advised against practicing this asana.

Shoulders and Upper Back (4-6 minutes)

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana pose

You are required to move your spine, neck, and shoulders in unison with this pose. This intense twisting exercise helps tone your upper body, the sides, and your abdominal muscles.

Do not attempt this pose if you have a headache, insomnia or are menstruating.

Seated Twist Pose

seated twist pose

The Seated Twist Pose can be easily mastered with a little practice. It involves a deep twist that tones your shoulder blades and improves your upper body flexibility. Do not attempt this pose if you have a headache, insomnia or are menstruating.

Arms (5-6 minutes)

Low Plank Pose

low plank pose

The Low Plank Pose, also called the Four-Limbed Staff Pose, requires you to support your body on your hands and stay off the ground by keeping the core intact. It helps strengthen and tone your arms, triceps, and biceps. People with hip or shoulder injury are advised against performing it.

Downward Dog Pose

downward dog pose

This weight-bearing pose is as the Downward Dog Pose. All you need to do is position your upper body on your hands. It is a great pose to help in the toning of arms and biceps. However, if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, do not perform this asana.

Facial Fat (2 minutes)

Jalandhara Bandha

All you need to do is lock your chin on your chest i.e. between your collarbones and hold your breath. This will help in defining your jawline. If you suffer from any breathing problems, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, do not attempt this asana without the supervision of a certified yoga instructor.

Lion Pose

lion pose

The Lion Pose is known to relieve stress and tone facial muscles. Sit in a lion pose and stick your tongue out. This will help stretch your thorax, facial muscles, and spine. Practicing this pose regularly will reduce your double chin to a great extent. Anyone can use this yoga style, irrespective of their age.

Thighs (6-8 minutes)

Garland Pose

garland pose

The Garland Pose counters the effects of the fat you accumulate in the lower body parts while sitting all day. It stretches the hip, thighs, tones the outer/inner thigh regions and also improves flexibility. Do not attempt this asana if you suffer from hip or knee pain.

Cobbler Pose

cobbler pose

The Cobbler Pose works on your inner and outer thigh regions. This is one of the asanas that you can perform even after eating, with the exception of the forward-bending variation. Avoid the Cobbler Pose if you have knee injuries or are menstruating.

Hips (5-6 minutes)

Happy Baby Pose

The Happy Baby Pose is known as one of the best yoga poses for weight loss. It focuses on the hip bone and stretches your entire lower body as the hips go perpendicular to the ground. The hamstrings, groin, and inner thighs also get strengthened and toned in the process. To be avoided during pregnancy and menstruation.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

When you’re trying to bring huge changes in your life such as weight loss, consistency is everything. With yoga, the best practice would be performing your routine 6 times a week for at least one hour every day.

Being a beginner if you think that kick-starting yourself into gear is not manageable for you then you are recommended to start slowly and gradually build up your workout session. This will allow you to increase your flexibility and strength to a great extent. For added cardiovascular benefits, you can combine your practice with other physical activities such as swimming, cycling, or walking.

Good luck!