Back and Shoulder Strength Using (just) a Yoga Block

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Besides weight loss, yoga can be a great way to strengthen your back and increase mobility in the shoulders. This exercise requires one small and mighty equipment – A yoga block!

Diagonal Swim Block Exercise

How to do it?

First, lie on your stomach with a foam block in front of you. Press your hands into the short ends of the block.

Reach your arms forward and lift your upper body and legs up into locust pose, holding the block overhead.

Next, take the block in your right hand and reach it behind your back. Swim your left arm back and grab the block from your right hand. Swim your left arm forward, followed by your right arm.

Lastly, take the block in your right hand and swim it back, repeating the circle in the same direction four to eight times.

Need a yoga block? Try these!

There are many yoga blocks out there. Here are some of our favourites that are made from sustainable materials:

Manduka Cork Yoga Block

JBM Yoga Block Plus Strap

Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick